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Incognito will help grow your American business.

Attract new customers.

Supporting American Manufacturing


American manufacturing creates good jobs and bright futures for workers, their families and our nation.


That is why we focus on marketing for companies that make things in America.


As a manufacturer, you are a vital part of the American Dream.


For each person you employ, you have a direct impact on the economy. Your jobs provide food, clothing, medical care and shelter, as well as college educations, weddings, retirement, . . . a good life.


Plus, economic ripples radiate from your company as your employees do business in their community, creating and maintaining additional jobs. So, your company has a positive impact on tens of thousands of citizens of our great land.


That is what we care about and why we developed ways to help American manufacturers survive and thrive. In addition to providing marketing services, we started a small scholarship for welding and machining students at Pueblo Community College.


How can we be of service to you?


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Marketing for Manufacturing

and Export Assistance


Incognito has special expertise in helping manufacturers grow their businesses and in the marketing of goods around the world.

photo of cargo ship symbolizing exporting and how Incognito Marketing can help you get started with an exporting website

Incognito offers Exporting Assistance.


Where will you find your next customer?


96% of Consumers and 2/3 of the

world’s purchasing power are outside

the United States . . . so you may

want to consider exporting.


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our overview of how we can help you get started.










Working on reforming national trade policy.


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We take charge of your marketing

so you can do what you do best.


We create and implement an ongoing strategic marketing plan that gets your story straight, tells it and sells your product.


Specializing in marketing for B2B and  manufacturing companies.


If you want to start something call us,

we know how to make things happen.


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