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“I represent a small niche-market product line and made the switch to Incognito Marketing 3 years ago. The benefit was in moving from the traditional "here's our product, isn't it great" message, to a more complete message that presents our products, and includes why they are needed and why we should be the choice, in a compelling eye catching presentation. Incognito is easy to work with, very responsive, and they are quick at grasping the practical and emotional motivation of our end users.  Incognito was a good choice for both our print and cyber marketing requirements.”


   Dan Spohn

   Regional Sales Manager

   Kaman Precision Products



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Marketing for Manufacturing

and Export Assistance


Incognito has special expertise in helping manufacturers grow their businesses and in the marketing of goods around the world.


With our three step marketing strategy, messaging / graphic design and implementation process:


1. First, we create a written strategic message about what you do and what makes you different - better than your competition.


2. Second, we translate these facts into benefits, so your selected target market knows how they will be better off by doing business with you, . . .

what’s in it for them.


3. Finally, we combine the words with photographs, illustrations and strong graphic design to clearly communicate your story to the right people at the right time and place. (Websites, print, ads, logos, radio, television, direct mail, social media, press releases, etc.)


This is your story.

We craft it and we stick to it.

Your story is our primary product.

Everything else is a delivery system for your story.



The results for you?


   Get new customers.


   Keep the customers you have.


   Increase order size and frequency.



Our objective is to create profit for you by attracting the right kind of new customers, keeping profitable customers and increasing sales to both.


Positive results depend upon a clear, simply presented story of what makes you different and how your ideal customer will benefit from those differences.








Your ideal customer must be clearly defined in order to correctly craft your story, just as when you go fishing, you decide if you want catfish, trout or marlin. The fish you seek determines the most tantalizing bait to use, as well as where and how to present the bait to the fish.


Similarly, your ideal customers’ needs, wants, fears, etc., will determine the most attractive kind of bait to create in words and pictures. (marketing message – Your Story).


Today, it is more difficult than ever to identify and clarify what makes you different, but without this compelling story, your chances of attracting and doing business with your ideal targeted customer will be reduced.


So, crafting a website or advertising must first include the development of your strategic marketing message – Your Story.


Websites and all other marketing and advertising tools are only a delivery system for Your Story.


The process includes discussions of your services, processes, competitors, ideal customers, your strengths and weaknesses, your people, facility . . . to bring to the surface what makes you different.


We define your ideal customers and determine what they need, what they want, what they do not want, what they fear . . .


Finally, we present your differences in carefully crafted websites, logos and advertising to show and sell them on the wisdom of making you their choice.


Let’s get started!


Ph: 719-633-8616

Incognito helps you grow your business.

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